Scan, smile and have fun

Discovering the aquatic corners of Xel-Há

We know that an essential part of a trip is the photos, and we want you to take the best memories of your visit to Xel-Há with you. That’s why in this blog post we share with you the best aquatic photo spots in the Park.

1.- On the bridge, on the way to the train station and bicycles

On the way to the River entrance, before reaching the bicycle and train area, you pass through a small bridge. On the same deck on your left, you will find the first water photo spot. Remember to smile for the photo!




2.- At the beginning of the River

At the beginning of the River, on the side where the floating tires come from, you will find the first photo spot of this route. Look for the yellow scanners, they’re easy to recognize.




3.- During the River route

Next to the bridge of the Cliff of Courage, on your left hand, you will find another of our favorite spots to take photos. The scan is located exactly behind the stone that says “Xel-Há.”




4.- In the Cliff of Courage

Are you ready to jump? But before doing it, remember to scan your bracelet and smile for the photo. The scanner is on your right-hand side.



5.- Subaquatic photos

These photos are taken by photographers who are in front of the Cliff of Courage, so if you don’t dare to jump, you can pose for these beautiful photos. Photographers are in this spot from 9am to 5pm every day.



6.- At the Trepachanga

When you come down from the River, in your way, you will find the Adventure World that has several fun activities. One of them is the Trepachanga, where you must stop for a minute, scan and smile. The scanner is located at the beginning of the activity.



Another photo that you can take in this area is in the obstacle course, as in the Trepachanga, the scanner is located where the action begins. Are you ready to cross?




8.- At the Salpichangas

In the Salpichangas (zip lines) each line has a scanner so you can get photos like these that appear below. Take as many as you want!





9.- At the Adventure World

In the same circuit of zip lines, you will find one of our favorite spots, where you can get the Scenic Lighthouse as background.



10.- At the hammock

If you continue on your way from the River to the inlet, next to the Chulavista Restaurant, you will find this giant hammock, the perfect place for a family photo, as a couple or alone.




11.- At the Scenic Lighthouse

One of the most fun photo spots is on the waterslides of the Scenic Lighthouse. If you don’t want to miss this photo, don’t forget to scan your bracelet at the beginning of the tour.




But if you don’t like adrenaline, at the top of the Scenic Lighthouse we have several photo spots where you can scan your bracelet to take pictures with spectacular views like this one.




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12.- At the Mayan Cave

Passing the Floating Bridge, you will find the Mayan Cave, one of the favorite places for our visitors to snorkel due to the amount of fish. At this point are two photo spots that you can’t miss, in one of them you will get a beautiful view towards the inlet and in the other a view from outside of the Mayan Cave.






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After reading this blog post, are you ready to scan your bracelet and smile?