Music From The Heart

The romance continues with the best of the best…

After coming to an authentic Mexican fiesta in Cancun. We only feel like listening to more and more of its music. Mexican music is so romantic, and the mariachis know it. This is the reason why the traditional music ensembles at Xoximilco keep playing our favorite romantic songs.

One hit after another hit our compadres, of Mariachi, Norteños, and Rancheros, battled to define who is the most romantic group of the party. So here they are. Memorize your favorite verse so you can surprise your loved one.

Is this romantic or nah? Frank Sinatra has a version of this old song, but the lyrics in Spanish are very different. Both of them are very romantic, and their effectiveness is well proved.

“Kiss me, kiss me again. Like if this night is our last night together.
Kiss me, kiss me again. I’m afraid to lose you after this.”

If you feel like dancing very close to your couple, you’ll like the next one. Or just in case she is mad at you, just sing how much you love her.

“I will always love you. I will make sure that you fall in love with me every day.
Even with my faults, Even with my crazy things, And my nonsense…”

When we are in love we look for every chance to test our love, we find every opportunity of the day to be together or to make a phone call to hear his voice. Feeling this way? Dedicate this song, don’t be shy.

“A pair of eyes bathed on lights. A lip wanted to kiss are a reason.
And I remain here looking at you, founding for many reasons.
But I conclude that my better reason is you.”

Besides love here are other special dates to celebrate with us.

This is the encore. So let’s finish with one of the most romantic songs of all the time with the unique style of the Mexican music. Learn these lyrics and make the magic happens.

“You just can’t imagine how you make me feel,
there is no moment that I can be without you.
You consume my space and slowly you make me yours.”

Love can change everything. Don’t lose that magic and romance of the very first dates with your boy or girlfriend. Every day is a perfect chance to do something special and to enjoy each other. Celebrate love with music!

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