Activities for the whole family

Let the grown-ups have fun like children

There is no doubt, planning a good family vacation is an art. The secret is to find a destination that has something for everyone, which is far from easy, especially when traveling with young children. However, and as we take creating incredible memories very seriously, in this blog we’ve accepted the challenge to present you 5 enjoyable options for the whole crew. These are the best natural parks for children near Cancun.

1. Culture, nature and love for Mexico: Xcaret

Does it have any special area for children? Yes! For those under 12 years old, Xcaret has an area called Children’s World. Here they can venture down slides, tunnels, hanging bridges, labyrinths, and crystal-clear cenotes.

Children under 6 years old can have fun in the sandpit, jet fountain and a wading pool.

Xcaret is the perfect place to teach them to be kind to the planet

This park is ideal for children who love nature and animals, or whose curiosity has no limits.

  • Butterfly Pavilion: This experience is magical because you will be walking among colored butterflies, waterfalls and beautiful vegetation.
  • Aviary: Walking shrouded by the birds’ chirping, is priceless. A great learning opportunity admiring the most beautiful plumages in the area.
  • Aquarium: Here you can closely observe more than 5,000 organisms. Learn about the importance of reefs for the ecosystem and even enter the Riviera Maya-Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation Program.

Other specimens that you can admire in their habitat during your visit

  • Macaws: Everywhere around the park! Basically, celebrities at Xcaret.
  • Flamingos: They are also found in different parts of the park; at the exit of the underground rivers, in the beach area and if we are very lucky, you will see them strut through the park.
  • Spider and howler monkeys: Get to them through the jungle paths, watch their playful personalities up close!
  • Pumas and jaguars: The kings of the Maya jungle. At the end of the Mayan Village, you can admire them on two huge islands.
  • Bats: You can see them hanging in the dark towards the beach area, near the lagoon.
  • Manatee Lagoon: The Manatee River has a special underwater viewpoint to get closer to this good-natured species.
  • Crocodiles: On one side of the Turtle’s Lagoon, look in the water for a pair of crystalline eyes.
  • Tapir: Visit this typical species of the region, passing the aquarium.

They will also be able to enjoy the most beautiful cultural expressions of Mexico

  • Equestrian show: You will be amazed by the talent of the Mexican charros and the agility of the horses! A show that pays tribute to the Mexican charrería.
  • Xcaret México Espectacular: Do not hesitate to go to this show full of talented artists, dancing and singing. Even for a few minutes! Sometimes families withdraw a little before the end. What can you expect? A narration of the history of Mexico through the most iconic traditions of the country.

Aquatic fun is also included!

The beach cannot be missed in our visit to the Caribbean: Beach, natural pools and a lagoon awaits. Also, you must visit the underground rivers, thanks to the mandatory use of vests, it’s good family fun.

Note: All these activities are included in your general admission. To learn more about the optional activities (Sea Trek, swim with dolphins, etc.) you can click here.



  • If you want to stay until the end of the show, keep in mind that it will be a long day (8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.) and the troop could get very tired.
  • The park is very extensive, so the distances are a bit long.

2. Water activities, all-inclusive fun, and nature: Xel-Há

Does it have any special area for children? Yes! Just as in Xcaret, Xel-Há has an area called the Children’s World. It includes a wading pool, playground, games and artistic activities such as painting. Plus, a resting area for the parent!

Unforgettable water activities

Xel-Há is part of our top natural parks for children near Cancun because it’s ideal for more active children who like to swim, snorkel and live aquatic adventures. The use of vests is mandatory and the range of sizes is very wide (available for babies even), so the walk along the river can be enjoyed as a family, guided by the gentle current or aboard the floating inner tubes.

Many surprises await you on this tour which children love for their originality and adrenaline. We see many brave kids jumping from the Cliff of Courage and none of them miss the opportunity to get on the aquatic zip-lines. Also, check out those slides! The Scenic Lighthouse is one of the favorite activities at the park. You go down the slides individually, without a vest, you just need a minimum height of 1.05 m to participate.


Reasons why you should take your children to Xel-Há.

Ideal for the foodies

Our day at Xel-Há can be accompanied by as many meals and snacks as we want. A refreshing drink for the kids while dad takes advantage of the open bar? The best of two worlds! You won’t have to limit yourself and the international buffet promises to fill the belly of the pickiest.

Note: all these activities are included in your general admission. To learn more about the optional activities (encounter with rays, manatees, etc.) you can click here.


You will probably be in the sun for a long time, we recommend you pack everything from hats to long-sleeved water shirts and bring your biodegradable sunscreen.

The river tour can be as long or short as you like, you’ll find multiple exists along the way.

3. Adventure, speed and underground worlds: Xplor

Is there a minimum age to enter the park? Yes, the minimum age is 5 years old (they are considered children up to 11 years old).

Does it have any special area for children? Yes! With an obstacle course, carts and activities like coloring.

Will my little one be able to jump off the zip-lines? We know that nobody wants to leave this park without experiencing this, so here are some basic considerations: the minimum height to climb is 1.40 m. However, the zip-lines will consider other factors (such as the weather or the wind force) to determine whether or not they can fly.

The good news is that there’s another activity called Hammock Splash, where everyone can participate as it’s like going on a swing and landing in a cenote. When it comes to natural parks for children near Cancun, Xplor is definitely high on the list for little adventurers!


Explore the underworld together…

The following activities can be done accompanied by young children:

  • Underground Expedition: A special tour through slides, jungle and water. Little explorers will have to consider that the maximum depth of the water in this route is 1.10 m (the use of a vest is not mandatory, but if necessary, you can request it).
  • Amphibious Vehicles: The maximum capacity of the vehicle is two adults and two children.
  • Rafts and underground rivers: Paddle through an underground river and test your coordination. There are single and double rafts. Afterwards, you can swim in these enigmatic waters surrounded by stalactites and rock formations. Time goes back in the world of Xplor!

It is also an all-inclusive park

You can’t leave without trying Xplor’s original creations: From natural juices to delicious smoothies to regain energy. The cherry on top is a buffet at a restaurant called El Troglodita (Trogoldite), where, true to the name, everyone arrives worn out from adventure and feasts. Bon Appetite!


  • The highest zip-line is 45 m, climbing to the top and admiring everything from the base can be quite impressive for the little ones.
  • It is a good idea to plan your day considering eating at the end or something light between activities.
  • Locate the different drink stations to keep all the explorers in the family hydrated.
  • This park does not include alcoholic beverages.


Is there a minimum age to enter the park? Yes, the minimum age is 5 years old (they consider children up to 11 years old). 

Do they have a special area for children? Yes! It’s called the Splash Zone and you’ll find slides, waterfalls and splash pads. In addition, right beside it you’ll find a pool with a resting area, ideal for you to relax while taking care of your little ones. This activity is included in both Xavage admissions. 


  • Kayak: ideal for children because of its low impact. Share a double kayak and tour the canals of this adventure park 
  • Ropes Course: this obstacle course has different levels (from 8 to 36 m), so we recommend that the little ones start with Level 1 
  • Xavage Zipline: this horizontal zipline is one of a kind, in addition to being perfect for children as it does not require any effort, they will be able to soar the sky safely (keep in mind that the flight is individual) 
  • Rafting: Cancun’s only whitewater rapids! Kids love the guides’ fun personality and expertise. No prior experience needed, as you’ll have time to practice in a safe environment. Thanks to the use of life jacket at all times, it’s not an essential requirement to know how to swim 
  • Monster Truck: you must be 18 years old or older to drive, but to travel as a co-pilot you only need a minimum height of 1.20 m 
  • Jet Boat: this activity is perfect for speed lovers and it’s not necessary to know how to swim either


  • In general terms, activities require a minimum height of 1.20 m, but each has different considerations for safety reasons 
  • You’ll be wearing helmets at all times 
  • We highly recommend water shoes as the park has a mix of water and land activities 
  • As for alcoholic beverages, they are not included in your ticket and once you consume them, you will not be able to take part on any of them anymore 

Thousands of families have chosen these parks to vacation and connect with nature. To make the most of the experience, we recommend you purchase Grupo Xcaret’s Photo Pass, this way the family albums will grow full of good memories. See you soon!

Do you have any other questions to enjoy these natural parks for children near Cancun?