Meet the new member of the Xel-Ha drinks, #WelcomeToMexico cocktail.

We made a Facebook contest to create the new “Welcome to Mexico” cocktail in which our community participated proposing creative recipes made only with Mexican ingredients. The four recipes with more votes (only Mexican ingredients) were the finalists.

New #WelcomeToMexico cocktail in Xel-Ha

The finalist drink recipes from left to right according to the photograph are:

Maurizio Chap’s Recipe:

¾ Oz Blue Tequila

½ Oz of Grenadine

½ Oz of Pineapple Juice

1 Chile Jalapeno

Salt and Lemon

Daniel Alvaro Deara’s Recipe:

Chili powder Frost


1 ½ oz Xtabentún


Cranberry Juice

Esteban Hernández’s Recipe:

1 Oz White Tequila 

1 Oz Pure Mezcal

200 ml Strawberry Pulque

200 ml of Pineapple Tepache


Chili powder


Daniel Peña’s Recipe:

1 Oz Peppermint Liqueur

1/2 Oz Aniz Liqueur

1/2 Oz Pineapple Juice

1/2 Oz Ron

1 oz Tequila Reposado

Carlos David Hernandez, Chief of Xel-Ha Bars, prepared the four finalist recipes to be judged by our specialists, Managers and Sub-Managers of the Park Restaurants.

New #WelcomeToMexico cocktail in Xel-Ha

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Once they tried every drink, analyzed its flavor and consistency, the jury voted for their favorite, and the result was:

Third Place: Esteban Hernandez

Second place: Maurizio Chaps

First Place: Daniel Alvaro Deara

(The winner in addition to being the author of the new cocktail was awarded with a double courtesy visit Xel-Ha.)

We welcome the newest member of the Xel-Ha drinks, #WelcometoMexico cocktail.


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This new drink tastes sweet and refreshing and the best thing about it is that it is a 100% Mexican cocktail. Did you know that Xtabentún has an interesting story behind it?

Legend has it that Xtabentún flower sprang from the grave of Ix’Tabay, a woman who was known for her beauty and sweet love that made men drunk.

We hope you come to visit us soon and try the new flavors of Xel-Ha. We appreciate the participation of our community who sent us 38 recipes and voted for their favorites in order to select the winner.