Take note! 

Your only worry will be to have fun

Spring break 2017 is around the corner and we know that you are waiting for it anxiously because it is time to be free and party hard. We want you to worry less about for what you have to pack in your suitcase, that’s why in this blog post we are sharing with you a list of essentials for your spring break trip:

1.- Suntan or sunblock

If you have a sensitive skin you must use sunblock or sunscreen that will protect you from the sun rays during the party at the beach. Remember to choose a biodegradable sunscreen, because this one helps us take care of the environment. If you want to know more about this kind of sunscreen we invite you to read: Biodegradable sunscreen, everything you need to know.

But if what you want is to return home with a good tan, do not hesitate to pack a suntan lotion, we suggest you choose one that has moisturizer.

List of Essentials for Your Spring Break Trip

2.- Swimsuit

There is not a spring break party without swimsuits and we know the importance of choosing the best one for your body, that’s why we share with you: Finding a perfect swimsuit for your body type: Mission Impossible

3.- Flip flops 

Enjoy this season feeling free using flip flops, don’t forget to pack them!

List of Essentials for Your Spring Break Trip

4.- Sunglasses

Have fun at the beach parties but keep your eyes protected from the sun rays using sunglasses. Remember: your eyesight will thank you later.

5.- Cap or hat

Other essentials that you can not miss in your suitcase to protect you from the sun are hats or caps, so if you do not have it, you still having time to purchase one.

List of Essentials for Your Spring Break Trip

6.- Smartphone or/and GoPro

Remember: if there is no picture on Facebook or Instagram it did not happen. Then, either with your cell phone or with your GoPro take many photos and share them.

List of Essentials for Your Spring Break Trip

7.- Waterproof Case

If your choice to take pictures of this trip is your smart phone, don’t forget to bring with you a waterproof case, it will be very helpful.

8.- Night party outfit

At night the party gets wild, that’s why you have to be ready with two or more outfits to impress everybody.

9.- Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

Don’t be boring! it’s spring break and it’s the moment to try new things, such as this fun flask that will help you keep your beverages cooler and your friends closer.

10.- Cooler cups

Last but not least, something you can not miss to enjoy the cold drinks is a cooler cup, we are sure you will very happy with one of them.

Now you are ready for your spring break trip.  

What else do you think is essential to bring to this wild adventure?