Not recommended if feeling hungry

16 photos of delicious food

One of the best reasons to use Instagram today, besides being an excellent source of inspiration to feed your wanderlust, is to delight and savor the large amount of pictures of delicious food that every day are uploaded. We’ve all done it: photograph our dish when it looks appetizing (and good looking) to show off to the world the delight we are about to eat, haven’t we?

Since we know that many of you love eating as much as us, we took on the task of collecting the 16 photos that made our mouths water the most from Instagram during last month. We don’t know what the recipe is or the exact name of every dish, we just know one thing for sure: we crave a lot!

1.- It looks so deliciously sweet, perfect to eat it toasty warm for dinner.

delicious food

2.- We can almost feel the mesmerizing aroma of freshly baked pizza up here.

delicious food

3.- Nobody in their right mind would turn down fresh taquitos like these, right?

delicious food

4. That vanilla ice cream slowly melting into the hot waffle is like a dream come true.

delicious food

5.- This huge crispy succulent burger is causing us a deadly hunger.

delicious food

6.- Freshly prepared fried eggs on a pan flooding the house with its aroma in the morning.

delicious food

7.- Imagine the fork gently touching the pasta revealing the aroma of cheese and spices: exquisite.

delicious food

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8.- The guacamole and melted cheese on that juicy burger are just perfect: they were meant to be together.

delicious food

9.- Heavenly is the word that best describes this lemon pie accompanied by a soft meringue.

delicious food

10. There are no words to describe our feeling towards this huge slice of pizza: it’s pure love.

Photos that will make your mouth water

11.- Soaking these ice cream popsicles with dulce de leche, rotating them so they are well covered and feeling its delicious texture on the palate: glorious.

12.- It’s unreal how much this photo makes us salivate just at the sight, we can’t stop imagining the taste of that beautiful lasagna.

13.- With the heat in the Riviera Maya, we would enjoy a fresh grape popsicle at any time of the day.

14.- Healthy food is delicious too, like this flavored hummus that looks quite tasty.

15. This hot and greasy grilled cheese sandwich would be our one wish for the genie in the bottle.

16.- A tasty mixed ceviche on the beach, accompanied by a cold beer… yum!

Bon Appetite! as we know that after seeing these photos your appetite for delicious food opened and you are now looking for something to eat. We hope you enjoy an appetizing delicacy worthy of an Instagram photo.

Tell us, which of these photos do you crave the most? Write a comment.