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Step by step: how to make a Pai Ai Pineapple


If you have visited Xcaret, surely you remember this particular drink served in a pineapple, right? Besides being fun, original and delicious, it is a creative way to reuse the body of the pineapple. Less waste, more creativity.

Want to make a Pai Ai Pineapple at home? Here we share step by step what you need to transform any common pineapple into an original Pai Ai Pineapple of Xcaret.



You will need: a full pineapple, three watermelon pellets, eight wooden toothpicks and a lemon.








1. Cut the bottom of the pineapple so that the base is more stable.


2. Cut the pineapple crown.


3. Place the crown vertically and cut it in in two equal parts.


4. Take one of the two parts of the crown, place it horizontally and cut a slice in a “D” shape. It will be used later for the face of the Pai Ai Pineapple.


5. Insert a long knife into the body of the pineapple in a way that it separates the fruit from the shell and the result is a single piece.


6. Once the fruit is separated from the shell, make a straight cut to facilitate its removal.


7. Remove the fruit with a knife trying to keep one large piece (it will be useful for the ears and nose)


8. Dig the rest of the fruit trying to leave only the shell.


9. When you finish digging, it should look something like this. Remember that the drink will be served here, so the more you dig, the more you drink.


10. Take the large piece of fruit, place it horizontally and cut the tip. Then place it vertically and cut it in three equal parts (these will be the two ears and nose).


11. Take the half of the crown that you didn’t cut and place it over the shell.


12- In order for it to remain stable and attached to the shell, pierce through both pieces with three or four toothpicks.


13. Place a toothpick for each ear, one for the nose, one for each eye and one for the mouth. Carefully insert the piece of pineapple you previously cut in a “D” shape (step 4) in the mouth toothpick.


14. Next, place the pineapple triangles for the ears, one on each side.


15. Don’t forget to place the big pointed nose in the middle.


16. For the eyes, cut two equal lemon slices and insert them on the toothpicks.


17. To add a little life and color to the Pai Ai Pineapple, decorate the eyes with two balls of watermelon.


18. And since the Pai Ai Pineapple is a girl, add a ball of watermelon on its mouth to paint its lips.


And this is how the real Pai Ai Pineapple of Xcaret looks like!


Now we are ready to let the party start. You can serve any tropical drink in your pineapple, we recommend daiquiris, pina coladas or anything you want, however, it should preferably having a smoothie consistency to make it easier to drink.


Now you know everything you need to surprise your guests with fun Pai Ai Pineapples on your next fiesta. Seize the summer to prepare refreshing drinks, photograph and share them with us.


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What drink would you like to serve in a Pai Ai Pineapple?