The hidden beauty of water  

An encounter with nature at Oasis Maya: Cenote Há

Imagine right now  you are snorkeling in crystal waters, you look down and then you see a garden with water lilies, fishes, roots and rocks with so much clarity,you look above and see a semi open cavern , trees, flowers, blue sky and finally look in front of you and find the great diversity of lilies, flowers surround you. This is how you live the adventure in Cenote Há.

Anyone who had visited the Oasis Maya knows that Cenote Há is full of life and color and  that it is a unique encounter with nature in every way.


The expedition in Xenotes Tour consists in a journey through four different cenotes in the Cenotes Route in Puerto Morelos; which is located between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. One of this cenotes is Há, its name means water in maya and as you may know, the cenotes are natural pools, so that implies that you are going to enjoy water activities, however Cenote Há is special because it has one attribute, can you imagine what it is?.

Every cenote has a guardian, they are named Aluxes. These little beings protect the entrance of every cenote and if you want to visit these sacred places you have to ask for their permission through a mayan ritual.


The Alux Há is the most transparent, the most harmonious and well behaved. He knows that water represents the source of life; the origin of every living beings. He is peaceful and kind.

Just like his guardian, the cenote Há is the most crystalline and transparent of the Oasis Maya. The sunlight lets you see perfectly the bottom of cenote. Swimming in these waters and admiring the aquatic flora and fauna which brings to life this sacred place, is a real privilege, unique in the Yucatan Peninsula. Há ‘is a scene of stunning beauty where you can dive in and discover wonderful underwater gardens.


To enjoy your visit to Cenote Há we recommend:

  • Bring a waterproof camera and capture the best photo of the flora and fauna.
  • Jump from the pier and refresh in its crystal waters.
  • Follow the tour guide and discover the hidden secrets in every corner.
  • Remember to respect the border marked by the water lilies and avoid alter the wildlife.
  • Open your eyes and admire the underwater roots and be amazed by its formations.
  • Do you want to take a underwater picture? This is the perfect place.
  • Take a minute to relax, disconnect and reencounter with nature.

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