The new trend for business travelers

5 tips to mix business travel with leisure

If you usually travel for work more than for vacation, this travel trend is for you. A new way of traveling which combines business with leisure. Currently, 49% of this kind of travelers extends their stay a few days to enjoy the destination. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your next business trips and become a bleisure expert.


1.- Organize your schedule

Focus first on planning your work objectives well and use an agenda to visualize better your schedules and activities. Research places and trendy restaurants close to where you’ll be working and escape to eat something different at lunch break!


2.- Don’t quit your routine

If you are the kind of person with a daily method, such as working out or even just following a strict diet, this is the moment to get out there in a fun way. Search for places that are located close to where you are staying where you can do your usual plans, that way you won’t feel guilty when arriving home. Plus, is an excellent way of getting to know new places and people on your trip.


3.- Do some destination research

Traveling for work is like a jackpot, you can be lucky enough to travel to a big city or just going to a conference in a small town, with not much tourist things to do. But don’t worry, all places have their charm, you just need to investigate more! Search in advance for the calendar of events and the historical sites of the destination you will visit and start planning, it will be worth it!


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4.- Enjoy the perks and benefits

If you are a frequent traveler, we recommend you to enjoy the benefits that many global enterprises have. Suchlike award points card, credit cards with special airport services or even hotel memberships. This will make traveling more comfortable for you, and you may enjoy more these little getaways from bleisure.


5.- Try to add extra days to your trip

We know that thanks to other work commitments, this choice is not always possible. But we suggest you try at least taking a couple days from your vacations to extend your trip and enjoy more of the destination. It’s now been proved that workers who do this tend to increase their productivity when they return to the office, take it as a win-win for the company!


Traveling is one of the best things you can do, doesn’t matter if it’s with your family, with your couple or for just work. You are responsible for creating a fun and incredible memory out of it.

What other advice will you give to someone going for bleisure travel for the first time?