Truly, A Mexican Fiesta

As a foreigner in Cancun, from the first day living here, I heard many recommendations of places to visit. I never had the opportunity to visit Xoximilco, although it has great comments. I saw pictures, videos, and heard stories of how it is impossible not to have a great time at this park. A few days ago, I had the chance to visit it, and from the moment I arrived by the tour bus, there was not a single moment without fun.


Our bus was El Alux. The transportation staff was always polite and respectful. At all moment, I have felt very secure on it, and from the meeting point in Cancun to the park, the journey was pleasant and entertaining. In the bus, I met Walter whom during the trip became my best friend.


El Alux

Before starting the tour, we arrived at a common area similar to a typical Mexican kermes where there were appetizers for everyone. We could choose between a variety of fresh flavored water as well as taste the delicious esquites. While enjoying my hibiscus water, the animation team started with a musical surprise to start the night. After some music, dance, and esquites, someone called the name of our trajinera, and we reach the dock to board it.

As soon as you board, the staff takes you a picture on the colorful boat. Then, I had met the other passengers, with whom we would spend the next three hours. While touring the incredible natural scenery of the park, our friend Walter (the guide) served as moderator for toasts, games, and other activities. It is impressive the number of cultural elements seen since the beginning of the journey through the channels. The colors, the trajinera decoration, and the music, everything says Mexico aloud.


Honestly, after three years of living in Cancun, I had never tried such a variety of Mexican cuisine. As an appetizer, they gave us some totopos (tortilla chips) and chicharrón (fried pork skin) with six different salsas. As the main course, a group of girls, whom Walter referred to as Las Primas (the cousins), board the trajinera to serve us tortillas, six different dishes, and some rice. For the tacos, my favorite ones were the beef fajitas and the Cochinita which I already tried in Cancun, but the Cochinita from Xoximilco is the tastiest one.  Without the tortillas, almost all the dishes reminded me of the Dominican Republic. Beef, chicken, and fish are very popular in my country.


Xoximilco stew dish

After the tacos follow the dessert, to complete the food tasting. A dish with nine Mexican sweets: coconut, walnut, and pumpkin candies, and cajeta (caramel) wafers, among others. For dessert, my favorite was the pumpkin one. I had never tasted this sweet, but since I tried it, I’ve been craving for more. Finally, as a coffee fan, I am very selective, but the one they gave us on the trajinera which came sweetened, was perfect and combined incredible with the pumpkin candy.

To accompany all the food, in the center of the boat you can find a variety of drinks, such as coffee, beers, soft drinks, and the special guest that can’t miss at a Mexican party: tequila!


Mexican Sweets Xoximilco


The energy of the park is exceptional. Throughout the experience, Xoximilco’s staff keeps you entertained, whether with games or by explaining Mexican folklore and culture. As part of the journey on the trajinera, different live music groups present rhythms from all over Mexico for you to dance and sing. Norteño, marimba, etc. it’s like you´re visiting different regions in one night. At some points along the way, I imagined the reaction of my parents, who adore Mexican culture and music.

A particular music ensemble got my attention because they did not play standard instruments. The group was at a terrace over the channel, and they were playing glass bottles. The sounds were unique and reminded me of the artists in the New York subway, who make music with objects found in any house.

At the end of the tour, the group of strangers with whom you started the trip, end up being friends you will never forget. No matter age or where you come from, have fun and a great time.


Passengers of the trajinera Puebla