Travel far enough you meet yourself

“No one travels alone when they have the whole world to meet.”

I am a woman who loves to travel and see new places, I like to immerse myself in the culture of the places I visit and enjoy their unique beauty and diversity.

My travel companion has always been my sister; together we have traveled to many of our bucket list destinations. Traveling with her is a synonym of fun and adventure

Although I have always planned my trips with her, lately I have been wondering how would it be to travel by myself. I have heard stories of different women that have had the chance of visiting on their own, following the path that they have set for themselves. 

In the beginning, it sounded a bit scary, the idea of being in an unknown place seemed rather scary than funny. After doing some online research, I found a bunch of stories of women that are currently traveling the world on their own. I never thought there would be many brave women defying stereotypes. 

All of this women have inspired me to overcome the fear of being alone, and I want to share with you the story of this five ladies that I hope also encourage you to take your bags and buy that airplane ticket to the place you have dreamt with for so long. 

1.- World Travel Feet – Karla

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Karla is passionate about meeting new places. Currently, she has visited more than 30 different countries, and she loves to share with the world her stories in a very original way through her pictures where the protagonists are her feet. It´s her own way of saying “I have stepped here.”

2.- Mariel de Viaje – Mariel Rocío Galán Alvarado

Mariel was born in Mexico City. Journalism and traveling are her two passions, and she has had the fortune of being able to combine this two. A perfect example that shows us that if you choose a job that you love, you will never really have to work. 

3.- Bee traveler – Luz Carreiro

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Luz describes herself as a person who lives in search of creating her own stories.  This adventurer loves to immerse herself in the culture of the places she visits. Most of the times she makes her trips on her own,  but she always finds someone on her way whom which she ends up sharing part of her journey. 

4.- The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten

After graduating from college and getting a job inside the world of corporate finance, Kiersten felt she was living someone else´s dream.  Somehow all of her achievements didn´t make her feel completely happy. It didn’t take her too long to make the decision of leaving the stability of her job behind and change it for a couple of suitcases and an airplane ticket. Despite having a secured future in California, she decided to risk it all to travel all over the world. Currently, she has visited more than 50 different countries. 

5.- Polkdot Passport – Nicola Easterby

Nicola was born in Australia, she is only 23 years old, and she has already been traveling the world for over three years. She started her blog when she has 20, she loves to share pictures and stories of her trips, looking to inspire other people who share her dream to meet the world.

As well as this five women are currently traveling the world, many others have decided to leave everything behind to experience the adventure of their lives.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to stay in a five-star hotel or traveling with your tent and sleeping on the floor at some place. The important thing is that you step outside of your comfort zone, always doing it responsibly. Remember that what matters is that you feel safe in the place you are visiting. Allways following your intuition.

Are you ready to be the protagonist of your own stories?