The vernal equinox is coming

Tips to enjoy it at Chichen Itza

1.- Learn about the equinox.

It may seem a little obvious, but trust me you enjoy everything better when you understand the story behind it. First of all look for the date of the equinox before planning your visit, since the dates may vary from year to year. You will be able to see the “snake of sunlight” from March 20th to 22nd. This visual phenomenon occurs at Chichen Itza’s main pyramid: “El Castillo”, because of the way the staircases are built, during this day, it looks like a giant snake is slithering down, get ready and let Xichen Tours be your guide to discover this wonder of the ancient Mayan World.

2.-Dress lightly.

Chichen-Itza occupies an area of 4 square miles and has different buildings. So if you want to take a walk and explore the area you want to take the most comfortable shoes. We recommend you wear tennis or boots, they are both great choices. As for the clothing, shorts and light tees are a good idea. Many people like to dress in white during the spring equinox because it inspires tranquility and peace, and the equinox is a great opportunity to surround yourself with positive energy. Whether you choose white or not,  just be sure you are comfortable.

3.-Wear sunscreen and bring a hat.

It is the spring equinox, so you are going to walk under the sunlight for a while. To make sure you enjoy your walk we suggest you wear sunscreen, a hat (or a cap), and sunglasses. That way you will not only look great in your pictures, but you will also be able to enjoy your day at one of the Modern Wonders of the World without having to worry about getting sunburnt.

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4.-Visit the Mayan Observatory.

Also known as “El Caracol” (the snail)  is a rounded structure that, as the name suggests, this building was used to make astronomical observations, since it has many windows and allowed them to observe the equinoxes and the summer solstices. The Maya were known for their precise calendar based on their sky observations and their mathematical knowledge.

After reading these quick tips you are ready to enjoy the Spring Equinox, but before you start packing one more quick tip: as you walk into Chichen Itza, take your time, close your eyes and try to imagine the greatness of the Maya Culture during the time Chichen Itza was habited and alive as one of the most important Mayan cities.

Get ready to live the unique experience of the equinox with Xichen Tours in Chichen Itza.