The perfect vacation

Are you ready to swim your heart out?

This photos will make you want to jump deep in the waters of the Riviera Maya, strike a pose and snap a wonderful picture.

1.- Can you imagine how deep this natural pool is?



2.-  If I’m silent, they won’t notice I’m not one of them



3.- Why is the water yellow? Oh yes, I am exploring a cenote with caves


4.- This is what diving into fresh waters look like



5.- You have company back there…



6.-  Imagine snorkeling in an underwater lilly garden



7.-   Just hanging around with these fellows



8.- Peace, love and fish selfie



9.- I had never seen waters so crystal and blue at the same time



10.- This sure is one of a kind kiss



11.-  Everything OK here underwater


12.- Take me a photo while I’m swimming, try to make it look natural



13.- Just keep swimming…


14-. With this snuba equipment I really feel a fish in the water



15.-  Keep calm and hold your breath for the picture 



16.- This is how you smile with a snuba equipment



17.- Feeling like a mermaid in Cancun




18.-  What mysteries lie among the lilies?



19.-  This looks as blue as the hotel pool, but it’s Xel-Há!




20.- Everybody gather around here, let’s take an underwater selfie!



21.-  What a miracle it is to swim next to this amazing turtle in the sea



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