They were really surprised

Have you already visited Xenses Park?

Astonishing…magical…spectacular! These are some of the comments we have received through our social networks about Xenses Park and it makes us very happy to hear they enjoyed their visit. We don’t want to overlook these experiences, that’s why here we share with you some of our visitor’s comments:

  1. “So much fun in one place! This is super, I need to come back.” Brea Jhonassy Zabala
10 Things People Said About Xenses Park

2. “They woke up my senses and made me value them, thank you.” Melissa Molina

3. “Awesome place, magical where you test your senses”. Annette Cruz

4. “I loved Xenses, I loved being able to overcome my fears and enjoy the best sensory experience of my life.” Carla Toledo

5. “Admirable: inspired people who inspire. Xenses will be different for each visitor, it will depend on how you get involved, how you live it and how you perceive it with your senses”. Gabriela Garza SE

10 Things People Said About Xenses Park

6. “A magical place, the only limit is the imagination, I loved it!” Adriana Cruzsa

7. “One of the best approaches of a sensory park. Xenses is a gem of a park where you have to pay attention to every single detail, every corner, and every experience has been designed and executed masterfully.” Jorge Guise

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8. “Super place! Definitely a great experience. It is a park where they play with your senses. Very funny!” Daniel Romero

9. “Xensacional! A unique experience for my five senses, I even  discovered senses I didn’t knew I had.” Ihsaías Hasidim

10 Things People Said About Xenses Park

10. “Very innovative, a different park, entertaining. One of a kind”. Michi Bufont

10 Things People Said About Xenses Park
Photo by: Hector Leal

After reading these reviews, are you ready to become part of this new world of sensations and emotions?