Water is called the source of life 

Let’s celebrate World Water Day 

Water is the most important liquid element on our planet. It’s enough to say that human beings are largely made up of water, as is the planet, which is 70% covered by it! It’s so important that we can say that it is thanks to the water that the Earth has been able to achieve the creation of life.

This is the day when we remember its importance, we would like to tell you 10 facts about water that make it vital to our daily lives. 

1.- Water is the elixir of life 

water -elixir

Humans can last a month without food, but only 3-5 days without drinking water. Also, we depend on water because we need to feed ourselves with the crops and animals that are part of our diet, and these need water to grow and live. Without water, this process would be impossible. 

2.- Earth is the blue planet 

water- the blue planet

You have probably heard the expression “the blue planet”. This is mainly because 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Of that 70%, 97.5% belongs to the ocean space, i.e. saltwater. Only 2.5% of the water on the planet is fresh!

3.- How much water do we consume?

water- how much water do we consume?

A person should consume about two litres of water per day. This gives us an estimate that each person consumes about 75,000 litres of water in a lifetime (on average). In addition to the water we drink, we are consuming it secondarily through the food we eat every day as it also contains water. 

4.- The source of miracles 

water-the source of miracle

Water has been part of many rituals since ancient times. The Maya believed, for example, that cenotes were the gateways to the underworld. Therefore, they performed ceremonies in them. In Egypt, the waters of the Nile River were believed to have healing powers, so ancient physicians prescribed that their patients go to the Nile. 

Today, in many religions, water is used for practices such as baptisms and change ceremonies. Some mention that the power of faith works in water and can therefore work miracles. One such place is in France, where there is a sanctuary with healing waters called the Sanctuary of Lourdes. In 1858, a young girl witnessed a vision of the virgin. Since then, to this day, thousands of faithful people come to be part of the miracle.

5.- The chemical properties of water

water-the chemical properties

Water has one oxygen atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms. The water molecule has a positive electric charge on one side and a negative charge on the other. Because opposite electrical charges attract each other, water molecules tend to bond to each other. Water is the only substance in nature that can be in the main three states of matter: liquid, gas and solid. 

6.- We are water

water- we are water

We are composed of water. The human body is made up of 60% water. The brain is 70% water, the blood is 80% water and the lungs are 90% water.

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7.- Are clouds made of cotton wool?

water- are clouds made of cotton wool?

Clouds are filled with tiny droplets of suspended or frozen water that is at a sufficient altitude. This is due to the warm air mass and the water vapour that cools to form the clouds. 

8.- The future of the earth 

water- The future of the earth

It is predicted that if climate change is not halted and pollution continues, water scarcity will lead to famine, species extinction and disease. By 2050, a quarter of the world’s population will live in countries with a chronic lack of clean water. That is why it is our daily task to take care of it and manage it.

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9.- The colours of the beach

water-The colours of the beach

The water is transparent, the beaches look in different colours due to the depth and the vegetation on them. The deeper the water is, the darker the shade compared to the water offshore. On the other hand, the density of vegetation and the shades of sand you find at the bottom also generate different colours.

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10.- Medical uses

water-medical uses

According to studies carried out by the University of Alicante, seawater can activate a protective effect on the immune system against some viruses, bacteria and low defences. For this reason, it has been used for the creation of medicines or treatments. These are used to treat the discomfort of allergies. 

Water is essential 

Water is essential

Water day allows us all to reflect on the importance of our actions in the world. We should be able to make small efforts in our community, school, work and way of life to protect it. Every day we can care for and use water wisely, reducing our use whenever possible.

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We are all part of the world, we all have a fundamental right to use water and to have it in good condition for the development of life. Today I invite you to be empathetic and responsible for the sake of future generations and for the love of the earth that is our home. 

Have you ever thought about the importance of water? 

 "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water"- Loren Eisely