Planning the ultimate water vacations

Things to do in Cancun and Riviera Maya

All you need is your swimsuit

It already smells like vacation time and while you’re planning what to do in Cancun and Riviera Maya, you already know what your body is asking for — sun, sand and water. Apart from relaxing, eating delicious meals and having fun, here are 5 water activities that are a must on your Cancun and Riviera Maya vacation.



The sun warms your skin and you’re ready to wear that swimsuit that has been sitting in your closet for a while. The crystla clear water– paradise–invites you into its sweet freshness to cool off and enjoy a dip in the water. Cancun and the Riviera Maya offers you several options to enjoy the crystal clear water of paradise.


 Snorkeling in Cancun




You put your visor, your life jacket and your swimming fins . You can not even wait to get to the edge, you’re anxiously ready to jump into the water, just like a kid on his first adventure. But wait! Don’t rush. You have to get on the boat first. The Xcaret snorkel tour takes you to the nearby offshore reef to discover a rainbow of fish and coral gardens in an amazing underwater world. If you do not dare to venture into the sea, you can also snorkel in the inlet.


Underground rivers in Xcaret




Few have been fortunate to be able to swim in water-filled caverns without going through extensive training. The underground rivers at Xcaret and Xplor Park offer visitors an unrivaled opportunity without training. These labyrinths of caves and tunnels extend approximately 600 meters with a depth of 1.60 meters. You can choose from 3 rivers. Let yourself go and be dazzled.


Sea Trek Xcaret




If you’re not much for swimming, this underwater walk  is for you. You can travel to the paradise of colors under water with the convenience of still being able to breathe comfortably without the need to learn how to dive. This activity is ideal for those who want to see the colorful underwater world without getting wet, not even a hair. The Sea Trek Helmet gives you the convenience of being under water.


Beach and natural pools




The tranquility of the Caribbean Sea is the perfect escape to relax on your vacation and get even closer to nature. The pools are natural jacuzzis that fill with water from the Caribbean Sea so you can enjoy a relaxing time with a stunning view. Besides, your visit to the Riviera Maya could not be complete without visiting the beach: white sand , turquoise sea, the sun .


Xcaret Snuba




Diving is one of the most exciting experiences you can do, but it takes time and money. This modern method allows you to discover the secrets of the reef diving at your own pace while connected to oxygen tanks that remain floating near you. Snuba gives you the perfect opportunity to delve to the underwater world without the need of diving experience.


What other water activities you enjoy during your vacation?