What to expect from TBEX Cancun 2014

Attention Travel Bloggers!

The Mexican Caribbean welcomes you

The dreamy promised land of white sand beaches and blue turquoise seas launched the yearly TBEX conference for 2014. After its announcement in May, the travel industry of the destination is gearing up to welcome travel bloggers into sunny Cancun.




With the characteristic Mexican amiability and hospitality, Cancun is sure to receive you with a fantastic array of activities, networking and adventures to be discovered. This is the first year the event is held in Mexico and we couldn’t be happier to host you, to show you with pride all that the neighbors south of the border have to offer and although Cancun is just a little taste of all that Mexico has to offer, we hope you enjoy one of the crown jewels of our nation.

The TBEX events will take place from September 11 to 14th. Take a look at some of the things that will await you in this extraordinary event.




Celebrate as the Mexicans

Centuries ago two cultures came clashing together and formed one, a nation so unique that it offers its visitors a collection of traditions and culture so diverse it’s like 32 countries in one for each of its 32 states is quiet unique. As for the Yucatan Peninsula, it is a passport into the past where the Mayan jungle guards the secrets of an ancient civilization. Amidst your options, the destination offers one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the only Mayan city built by the sea, and the tallest (still-climbable) Mayan pyramid in the peninsula. For a taste of modern Mexico, Xcaret’s new Mexico Espectacular is a colorful musical mosaic and enthralling journey through the country’s history and tradition.




Eat as the Mexicans

Mexican food is so delicious that it was named a representative of the country in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO. Just as Mexico offers a wide variety of ecosystems, travel opportunities and culture, Mexican food is a magical dance of flavors that can go from sweet to spicy just in one dish alone. Like much of the country, the food is a marriage between Mesoamerican and European culture to create a tradition that stands on its own and has even evolved to offer more than 10 versions of the same dish. When in Mexico, eat as the Mexicans and don’t leave without eating traditional Yucatecan cochinita pibil with some purple onion and a dash of habanero sauce. You must try a warm plate of pozole and if this is your first time in Mexico, run to the first place where you can try the tamales and the mole. Since you’re here, grab yourself a Corona beer, a ceviche tostada with a side of a white sand beach.




Adventure as the Mexicans

With as many ecosystems as Mexico offers, it’s no wonder that the country has so many backyards for the adventurous soul. While you’re planning your TBEX Cancun itinerary, take into account all that you will be able to explore during your trip. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef will welcome you with its unparallel sea life. The Caribbean offers you the chance to swim with whale sharks, snorkel, and snuba dive or simply get enthralled by the beauty of its many blue hues. The humid, tropical jungle is the ideal playground to explore, fly across a zipline, drive an atv, dive into its secrets by visiting a cenote or simply admire the flora and fauna that it houses.




Relax as the Mexicans

This one is a pretty simple formula, or so you think. While most people would head to the nearest beach chair, you’re in Mexico and in Mexico the hammock is the weapon of choice. Choose one in the midst of the jungle as nature sings its lovely lullaby or head to the beach for the sweet sounds of the sea. A nature walk might also be just what you need to relax and get inspired. If you need a more punch, a little fiesta might just do the trick to leave all that stress behind. Aboard colorful trajineras like in the traditional Xochimilco in Mexico City, Xoximilco Cancun is a little taste of a Mexican fiesta with more than 20 different food samples, all inclusive tequila and beer, and music for an unforgettable night among amigos.


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