10 emblematic spots to take photos in Xcaret

Best photography locations in Xcaret

Top photo spots for your vacation

If you have ever visited Xcaret before you know that it has plenty of postcard-worthy views like natural pools, Underground Rivers, turquoise beaches and all kinds of colorful spots you can think of. We don’t want you to miss any of them, that’s why we made a list of the most emblematic.


1.- The one in the direction sign

Close to the beach area, you will find this colorful direction sign with an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea. For a more epic photo, don’t forget to do the “I’m the king of the world” pose.


2.- The one carrying a red macaw

You just can’t leave Xcaret without taking a photo with our colorful friend, you can find it in different spots around the Park like the inlet and the Main Plaza.


3.- The one having fun in the Underground Rivers

Follow the black path until you get to this Underground Paradise, where you will find many breathtaking photo spots.


4.- The one with a Pai Ai Pineapple in your head 

Make sure to try one of our famous Pai Ai Pineapple drinks at the beach, and then take lots of crazy photos with it.


5.- The one inside a sea turtle shell 

Get inside this shell replica and feel like a sea turtle! Look for this fun photo spot inside the Coral Reef Aquarium.


6.- The one floating in a natural pool like no one is looking 

One of Xcaret’s little hiding spots is definitely the natural pools, find them close to the beach area.


7.- The one chilling in a big beach chair 

We know that a regular beach chair is not enough, that’s why you will find this huge chair close to the Underground River’s exit, ready for you to lay down and just chill.


8.- The one as a cute colorful butterfly 

Go for the butterfly look with this cool wings inside the Butterfly Pavilion. 


9.- The one with the waterfall 

Follow the macaw song inside the Aviary to get to this breathtaking waterfall.


10.- The one with the colorful macaws wings 

Feel like a red macaw by wearing this incredible wings, find this photo spot close to the archeological site.


Did you take any of these photos when you visited Xcaret?

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